Shine With Me! Open Your Own TpT Store!

Are you ready to own your own Teachers Pay Teachers Store?  If you are, consider partnering with me!

Here is How it Works:
Think carefully about what you want to name your store.  Do you already have a blog?  Is there a catchy name that you call your students?  Once you decide on your store name, -CLICK HERE- to sign up for your very own Teachers Pay Teachers store with me!

How Much Does it Cost?
It is FREE to open a SELLER UPGRADE Teachers Pay Teachers store!

  • At the SELLER UPGRADE LEVEL you will earn 60% minus a .30 cents per transaction fee.

It is $60/year to open a PREMIUM SELLER UPGRADE store!

  • At the PREMIUM SELLER UPGRADE LEVEL you will earn 85% with a $.15 transaction fee only when a shopper checks out with a cart containing one or more of your items and the total purchase is less than $3.00.

What Do You Get Out Of It Asia?
Teachers Pay Teachers will pay me a small commission of 5% of your earnings for the 1st two years.  These funds are paid by TpT and DO NOT come from your earnings.

What's the Benefit of Signing-Up With You as Opposed to Doing It On My Own?
In a word, SUPPORT!!!  I LOVE collaborating about TpT!  By signing up with me you will have a mentor to help you every step of the way!  I will walk you step by step through setting up your store, creating products, setting up your blog, marketing, whatever you need or want to know!  I NEVER GET TIRED OF TALKING TPT! =0)

Not Sure?
Feel free to email me at with your questions or concerns.  I'll be more than happy to help.  Be sure to put "SHINE WITH ME ON TPT" in the subject line.

Are You Ready to Shine?
Yay!  This is going to be so much fun!  You're going to be so proud of yourself for what you can accomplish!  Go ahead, -CLICK HERE- and let your TpT journey begin!  Once you've signed up, be sure to email me at and tell me all about it!  Include "SHINE WITH ME ON TPT!" in the subject line.  I can't wait to hear from you! ;0)

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