April 27, 2013

Catching You Up to Speed

I just created this blog a few days ago.  I am new to blogging but I really want to share.  This is my attempt to catch you up on what I have been doing.  As mentioned earlier, I teach preschool children with autism.  I have a self contained class with a precious little darling that has lots of behaviors which prevent him from being in a regular class this year.

At the beginning of the school year we were not ready to address academics.  We did potty training, and worked on behavior and routines.

I am so proud of his progress!  Now he is following a schedule and routines.  He is eating in the cafeteria with the other students, he's beginning to speak in sentences, and he has learned so much academically that he probably knows more than his typically developing peers.  He still has behaviors but he is improving daily. 

I plan to mainstream him next year with the assistance of a paraprofessional.  I've been getting him ready by structuring our day similar to kindergarten's.  They move back and forth from the rug to the tables throughout the day.  This was a challenge because he is a runner.  I've been able to get him to stay on the rug by using the Promethean Board for all of my lessons.  He loves it.  I also use websites like Starfall to give him fun opportunities to come to the board and participate.  This is a photo from my Morning Circle:

 This slide has a fun good morning song to sing & dance to.

From this view you can see the rug. 

We do calendar on the Promethean.

Then he adds a number to the calendar chart.

Conscious Discipline:
 I made this Safe Keeper slide & use it as an opportunity to address behaviors that my student needs to work on.  I change it up as needed.  Photos of him & things in the room make it relatable.

Our Commitment:
"If you promise to help keep things safe then put your name in the safe keeper box."

We practice our breathing.

We sing the weather song...

Then he looks out the window to see what kind of weather we're having &
places the card on the chart.

I add & remove slides as we cover different topics.  We follow the same curriculum as the regular pre-k we just modify it.

This is the last slide in my Morning Circle routine.  He loves to play MoreStarfall.com, so I use it as incentive to get him to work.  1st Work, Then Promethean.

 This is his view from his work table.  As he works, he can keep his eyes on the prize :)

This is how we work.  We do TEACCH. 
I sort of had to modify it.  He doesn't work by himself.  Because he is such a runner, I sit next to him.  He does 4 tasks then he can play Starfall on the Promethean.  In the beginning of the year the tasks were easy & non-academic just to get him in the routine.  Now the tasks are more challenging.

He used to do 10-12 tasks but I cut it significantly to make time for the rug component. We rotate between rug and table 3-4 times throughout the day.   I really want to get him used to sitting on the rug, listening to the teacher, then going to the table to work so he'll be ready for kindergarten.

I spend a lot of time making the TEACCH tasks for his work.  We really don't do dittos.  His tasks are a lot of matching.  We also do cut & paste activities and other crafts. 

If you are interested in my TEACCH tasks for April & May, you can check them out at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store by clicking on the link below.  Be sure to grab my Positional Words Freebie :)  Stay Tuned...

Just Asia

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