September 12, 2013

Fall Leaves Unit

Hi All,
      I just finished an awesome Fall Leaves Unit & posted it to TPT.  It is 157 pages of FABULOUS!!!  (If I must say so myself :), Anywho, I am making it available for FREE until this Saturday morning.  So get it while it's hot!  Thanks for being a follower!!!  Your feedback is greatly appreciated!  Happy Fall Y'all!

      My kids had a blast doing this unit!  They especially liked the Leaf Hunt.  I knew they would.  We kept their finds in the science center and paired them with magnifying glasses, color paddles, mirrors, and a few other things.  I ended up pairing the positional words mini-posters with a cute little scare crow that I found at the dollar store.  Here are a couple of pictures:

      That's all for now.  Happy fall!
Just Asia

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