October 28, 2013

Anchor Chart

      Does your school require teachers to post anchor charts?  I was just going through some of the bazillion photos on my phone. :-)  I came across this and thought I'd share.  This is what my anchor chart currently looks like.  I like it because it's nice & neat.  It's a combination of my fall leaves unit & I can't remember off hand what the other one is.  It may be in my store.
      Anyway, these are the skills that I teach most often.  They are the basics and are pretty much going to be used weekly: retelling a story, letter recognition, counting, etc.
      I'm sharing because when we were told a few years back that we had to begin posting our objectives for the students to see in terms they could understand; we weren't given the word, "anchor chart."  When I heard other teachers from different schools talk about anchor charts, I didn't know what they were talking about. 
      Now, they seem to be everywhere, but just incase there's someone hearing the term and wondering what it is, this is it.  You're probably already using it and calling it something else.  If you're like our school, who was saying a whole sentence, "Post your objectives where the students can see in terms they can understand," then you are the person that I made this post for.;-)

      I found the anchor charts.  They were on my computer but I hadn't posted them until now.  The labels at the top come from my Fabulous Fall Unit.  The I Can Statements (anchor charts) are now available on TpT for only $1.  

UPDATED:  3/28/2014! I added headers and a lot more charts!  If you already own it, re-download to get the latest version!  Here is the link:

That's all for now.  Thanks for stopping by,

Just Asia


  1. I love your anchor charts, but my district wants us to extend our objectives to include higher order vocabulary. So I would need to post more...like....I can recognize upper/lower case letters in order to name beginning sounds, write words, or draw a picture to show the object for each letter. I love the charts I see, but most of them don't meet the standard we are held to. I may purchase them anyway and add a sentence at the bottom of each poster to extend the vocabulary. Your work is great!

  2. Wow! I teach preschool autistic. Our school requires us to post charts that use kid friendly language that the children can understand. If the pictures work for you, I can change the text. Email me the details of what you want & I'll put it together for you. My email is MrsLimar68@gmail.com Put Anchor Charts in the subject line.