October 20, 2013


This one is for the grown-ups!  Every year at our school the faculty and staff engage in a game of Boo!  It's a lot of fun.  This week I got boo'd.  Here is what I got:

Imagine going about your day at work then walking into your classroom and finding a little surprise on your desk.  Fun right?  Well that's what boo is all about.  Once you get boo'd, it's your turn to boo.  You go to the host, draw a name (no peeking), then go boo that person.  This is what I gave:

I found a cute little card that said Boo and I put a $5.00 PJ's gift card in it.  $5 is the amount each gift needs to be worth.  I thought it was a cute idea because there's a PJ's on the way to work.  My boo'ee could stop there and grab a cup of coffee on the way to work. 

Ooops!  The picture came out upside down but you get the point.  Another part of the fun is that you never know who boo'd you.  I don't know who boo'd me but a little birdie told me that the person I boo'd liked her gift! 
If you would like to play boo at your school, you can download it here. 
Happy Boo'ing!,

Just Asia

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