October 4, 2013

Flash Freebie Friday!

Hi All,
      This is just to let you know that I have a Flash Freebie this 1 day only on TPT.  It's 5 Little Pumpkins Literacy & Math mini unit.  This download is filled with stuff!  It's 55 pages and Common Core Aligned!  I haven't printed and made everything yet, but here are a few of the items from the unit.  Thanks for being a follower!
Happy Friday! 
5 Little Pumpkins Felt Board Pieces

Students Sequence Ordinal Numbers then form a Headband

Glue or staple Pumpkins to Popsicle Sticks to make Puppets for Retelling. 
Includes Color and b&w versions.
Hi All,
      A lot of you were able to download 5 Little Pumpkins Common Core Literacy and Math Mini Unit.  Thank you for your wonderful feedback.  Enjoy the unit!  
THIS UNIT WAS NEWLY UPDATED OCTOBER 2014.  Here are a few Photos:

I See Pumpkins! Emergent Reader in both color and b&w

Pumpkin 10 Frame Mats 1-20

Pumpkin 10 Frame Mats are in Color and b&w
New! Pumpkin Pull Game (Alphabets)

New!  Pumpkin Pull Game (Numbers Includes 2 Recording Sheets 1-10 and 1-20)

      I was in a co-worker's classroom the other day and she had her original version of the pocket chart.  I had to take a photo, it still looks great!  The only change to the pocket chart is a new font and 1 sentence has been edited.  

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  1. I love this pumpkin unit! How ingenious ~ The Pumpkin Pull! The one to one correspondence with the ten frames using paint or pumpkins candies is precious! :)