December 9, 2013

Autism Christmas Matching Unit

Hi All,
      I am just writing to tell you about my latest unit.  I am so excited about it!  I designed it for use in the autistic classroom but I know that both special ed and general ed teachers can get great use out of it!  No Board Maker here!  This set features beautiful clip art by Krista Wallden.  I find that my autistic children appreciate cute clip art just as much as any other kid.  This unit is matching, matching, matching!  Here is what you get:

Common Core Alignments
Anchor Charts
Uppercase/Lowercase Letter Matching
Letter to Picture Initial Sound Matching
Color Words Matching (More than 1 way to match)
Number to Number Word Matching 1-10
Sight Word Matching
Counting Mats & Counters 1-10
Order by Size/Sorting by 1 or More Attributes
Emotions Mini Posters
Emotions Matching

Here are a few photos from the unit:
Anchor Charts

Elf Emotions Mini Posters & Matching Cards

Christmas Tree Counting Mats 1-10 & Present Counters

Thanks for stopping by!

Just Asia

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