January 24, 2014

Groundhog Day!

Hi All,
      This is just to let you know about my Groundhog Day Mini Unit.  This one spans a few days.  Introduce Groundhog Day a few days before.  Have the students make their predictions.  For homework, have them watch the Groundhog Day ceremony on television.  When they return, have students determine if their predictions were correct!  Everything is Common Core aligned!  Here is what you get:

Common Core Alignments
Groundhog Day Fact Sheet
Groundhog Fact Sheet
Groundhog Day Emergent Reader (color and b&w)
My Groundhog Day Prediction Page (draw a picture & write a sentence)
Groundhog Position Words Mini Posters (in/out)
Groundhog Position Words Activity Page
Groundhog Craft
Label the Groundhog
Predictions Sentence Strips & Answer Pieces
Groundhog Read, Trace, Build Pages

Here are a couple of pictures from this download:

Predictions Sentence Strips & Answer Pieces.
Great for making a T Chart on the board & letting each student post their answer.
Groundhog Craft & Positions Mini Posters
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