March 13, 2014

Frog Fun!

Hi All,
      I am so excited to tell you about my new unit:  Frog Fun!  It's that time of year when it's all about REVIEW!!!  I've made these fun activities to help practice important Common Core standards and early childhood skills such as reading sight words, letter recognition, and counting.  Here are photos:
"Feed the Frog" Sight Words/Alphabet Recognition Game
Includes All 26 Letters, 99 Sight Words + Blank Page to Make Your Own!
"Where is the Frog?" Sight Words Recognition Game
 Use the Same Words from "Feed the Frog!" Game Above!
"Where is the Frog?" Letter Recognition Game

"Frog Prince" & "Feed the Frog" Alphabet Roll and Cover
"Feed the Frog" & "Frog Prince" Sight Word Roll & Cover
"Frogs Like to Hop!" Emergent Reader (color and b&w) and 5 Coordinating Read It, Trace It, Build It Pages
"5 Speckled Frogs" Felt Board Pieces
Frog Number to Quantity Matching Cards 1-9
"Feed the Frog" Number to 10 Frame Matching 10-20

I hope you enjoy this unit as much as I do!


Special thanks to my friend Tina who sent me photos of how she used this unit!  Take a look:

She cut up the "Where's the Frog?" Alphabet Game to make Uppercase & Lowercase Matching

She used colorful file folders and Velcro to make file folder games.

Thanks again Tina!  I love it!


Just Asia

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