August 16, 2014

Autism 101: Reflections on the 1st Week of School

Hi All,
      We've completed our 1st week of school!  I hope that everyone had an awesome week!  My week was "interesting."  If you don't know, I teach pre-k & kindergarten students who have been diagnosed with ASD.  The spectrum is very broad.  Every year is different for me as my role changes according to the needs of my students.  I could be in the general education classroom with a full-inclusion or mainstreamed student, or I could be in the special education classroom with students who are self-contained.

      Even when a student is self-contained I take great pride in planning with the general education teachers and ensuring that my students are learning the same information that the general ed teachers are teaching; of course making modifications.  In addition, I make sure that my students are included as much as possible with general ed.

      Now that thats out of the way, I have 2 new students.  All I have to say is; special ed teachers, when you are writing an IEP please be honest.  I understand keeping it positive but it has got to be some kind of malpractice to completely not address a child's behavior anywhere on the IEP.  I'm not saying to write your opinions, I am simply saying to state the facts.  A receiving teacher needs to know what to expect so that she can plan accordingly.

My plans for this week went from this:

to this:

in a very short time which was really upsetting because I do so love the Gingerbread Man!  I really tried hard to make it work but my non-verbal students very effectively communicated to me, "Lady, get over it!"  Needless to say, next week we are starting (HERE).  
      Now that I've accepted that we probably won't be doing a lot of what I have planned, and that I need to come up with a new plan, I'm good.  
      I have a new excitement about this school year.  I see it as an opportunity and  I welcome the challenge!  I expect that both my students and I will learn a lot; because as you know, every child with autism is different and when you work with one you've worked with one!  
      Feel free to follow me on this journey!  I would love to hear your feedback & experiences!  
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Autism 101 has evolved into a documentation of our 2014-2015 school year.  Follow us on our journey!  Here is a link to the next installment:  Autism 101: Easing into Work
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