December 18, 2014

Autism 101- Christmas & a FREEBIE!!

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      Boy has this been a busy week!  Christmas activities, IEP's, meetings after work, running with my own kids, the list goes on, and the week isn't quite done yet!  Here's a little of what we've been up to in the classroom:

      I've been laminating the collage page of my letter of the week journal to use with manipulatives.  It just puts a different spin on things.  And I can't say enough about Cookies for Santa, my students loved it!  Me too! ;0)

      We've been practicing our counting using these Christmas 10 Frames.  You can get them FREE in my TPT store.  But don't go yet because that's last week's freebie!

We've been crafting up a storm!  We did the paper plate wreath, the hand print Rudolph, photos, Christmas cards, you name it, we did it!  Here's one of my favorites:

I saw it floating around on Pinterest and I wanted to try it.  I added the scarf as a little something extra.  The kids got to practice their snipping.  I've kind of been using this week as my last effort to squeeze in every cute Christmas craft or activity from Pinterest that I hadn't tried yet. ;0)

Here's one, it's different from the pin but the idea is still there.  Put together some Christmas themed items for the kids to explore.  It was called a sensory tub.  I made it a busy basket.  It had ornaments (snowflakes, candy canes, plastic bulbs), ribbon, chenille sticks, a stuffed elf, and a toy Santa.

I gave it a home by making a label for it and tucking it away neatly on the shelf.
When it came out, things were EVERYWHERE.  But with my handy dandy basket and label, clean up was a breeze for my little ones.
We also did the frozen hand.  It was a lot of fun.  Can't believe I didn't take pictures of it. :0(  
There's tons more but I won't hold you up, just one more thing:
The kids helped wrap some of their crafts and photos as gifts from them to their families.  For my most verbal student, I told him to be sure to tell his family they couldn't open it until Christmas.  He is so excited. :0)
       Tomorrow is another busy day.  A field trip and an engagement after work.  I had no time to start from scratch on a freebie, so I dug around in my Drop Box and pulled out this little gem.  I made it for one of my students last year.  I call him my TV baby.  OMG, this kid is amazing!  He can recite entire commercials, he knows every kid show on every kid channel.  He knows all of the characters, sponsors and anything else there is to know.  When I first got him, I couldn't quite figure out how to "get in."  So after trying every OTHER thing I could think to do, I did what I ALWAYS end up HAVING TO DO.  It's the trusty old, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."   
      Anyway, this is a little something I put together for him last year to help teach him letters.  I used it on the Promethean Board.  I finally got his attention!  You should have seen his little face light up.  He was so excited.  He learned those letters in no time!  It's this week's FREEBIE!  Click on the cover to download.  Enjoy!

 Limars Stars:  TV Baby

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