July 5, 2015

Sunday School FREEBIE!

Hi All,
      Happy Sunday!  I had the best time in children’s church today.  The 3 & 4 year olds are so much fun!  Our Bible memory verse was John 10:10 “I am come that you might have life.”  The story that accompanied it was the one about Jesus and how he brought Jairus’ daughter back to life. 

      I thought that I could make it more relatable for the kids by using a doll for Jairus’ daughter and making a stand-up Jesus to act out the story.  After reading from the children’s Bible, I retold the story with the doll & the Jesus. 

      Once I was finished, I told the kids that the doll and Jesus were available for them to play with to retell the story. 

      This is the part where it gets interesting… 

      I had all boys today.  Initially, they retold the story but it quickly took a turn…  Before I knew it, the doll was kicking Jesus and Jesus was fighting Superman!  My son yelled, “You can’t do that!  Jesus doesn’t fight!”  The boy who was playing with the characters said, “Yes he does!  Jesus fights the devil!”  Who could argue with that? ;0)
      Anyway, I just wanted to share.  Here is a FREEBIE of the stand-up Jesus that I used for retelling the story.  Enjoy!


Thanks for stopping by!
Just Asia


  1. Working in children's church always gives funny stories!! Thank you for sharing your story and your freebie!! Have a great week!

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