October 15, 2017

October Lesson Plans: Ff is for Fire Fighter!

Hi All,
      This year is off to a running start!  We will end our 1st quarter this Friday!  I just wanted to take a moment to share a little of what we've been doing in our classroom this past week.  I've included pics and the LESSON PLAN.

We used a toy fire truck instead of a car to trace uppercase & lowercase F! =0)
We practiced 1-1 counting & number to quantity matching with this Fire Safety themed 10 frame set.
These Initial Sounds Mats are a staple in our classroom!  I use them for every letter, the kids love them!

This Fire Safety themed Sort by Size file folder game was great practice for our little ones!

My co-worker helped the kids make this super cute fire truck from construction paper!
The fire trucks in the blocks center were a big hit! 

We love costumes!  What would it be without taking a pic in this super cute fire fighter costume to round things out?

Grab the lesson plan here!

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