March 26, 2020

5 Homeschool Skills to Practice With Your Child

      Are you looking for some relevant academic activities to do at home with your Pre-K or Kindergarten aged child?  Well I've put together a few of my favorites.  I hope that you will find them to be useful!

  1. Sorting by Attribute:  Practice sorting by 1 or more attributes such as color, shape, and size.
  2. Reading Comprehension:  Don't just stop at reading the story!  Follow up with questions; have your child practice re-telling the story; change the endings; or have them draw a picture to show their favorite part!
  3. Name Activities:  Still learning how to read and write their name?  Try making simple name puzzles or scrambling the letters then placing them in the correct order!
  4. Tracing:  Does your child already know their name when they see it?  Can they put the letters in order?  Well now it's time to Trace!  Use a highlighter to write your child's name and let them trace it!  Don't stop at tracing their name; trace letters, sight words, and numbers!
  5. Counting & Number Recognition:  Pick a number, any number and count out that many!  Make it interesting by having your child count out their favorite toys or treats!  Check for number recognition by reversing it!  Place a given number of items in front of your child to count and have them select or write the matching number!  

      Well that's all that I have for today.  I hope that you found this to be useful.  For more information about how to create and implement these activities; click on the video link below:

      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog post and thanks for stopping by!

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