October 4, 2022

Fall Lesson Plan


      I thought I'd drop by and share my Fall Lesson Plan with you!  Here is what we did last week:

One of our favorite stories is Fall Leaves by Betsy Franco:

      Following the Fall 'Leaf" theme; we worked on the Letter L:

      We also worked on building our vocabulary with Fall Words:

      For my readers; we practiced reading a simple sight word emergent reader; Fall Colors:

      For math; we used file folder games to practice color and shape matching:

      We also practiced sorting by size (big & little):

      We practiced matching number to quantity:

      As well as counting out a given number:

And number identification:

      We did a little painting and a few other crafts:

 and because I teach on the go; I put together a QR code center to help reinforce some of the skills and concepts that we learned.  Download it for FREE here:

      Download the FREE Lesson Plan here:

      Thanks for taking time to read my post!  

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