June 21, 2014

Business Card

Hi All,
      I am so excited about the upcoming 1st annual TPT convention in Las Vegas!  I'm a huge fan of a lot of TPT'ers so when I meet them I want to keep in touch!  In preparation I got business cards!  Check out the screen shot from Vista Print.  Please note; that is not my hand or my table in the background.  Not that my hand or table is so much cuter, I'm just sayin' ;0)
      Anyway, HOW CUTE are these cards??? I love them!  This lovely business card would not be possible without the FABULOUS art work of my friend Pieter over at Surfer Kids Clip Art.  He designed my Limars Stars avatar.  Click on his logo to check out his TpT store:

Thanks for stopping by!

Just Asia

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