June 20, 2014

Simple Autism Tasks

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      I'm still back blogging.  I took tons of pictures throughout the school year & I'm just getting to them now. This is a simple task that I like to use to help introduce my students with autism who have limited experience with school; to a work routine.  I am referring to the little guy who has his own agenda and is pretty much resistant to anything you want him to do.  Though this activity can be correlated to Louisiana Pre-K standards & Common Core; in this case, the primary goal is to teach a work routine.

      This task is easy enough for him to learn quickly and experience SUCCESS which encourages COOPERATION & ATTENTION TO TASK.  You can add additional steps to the routine as the child becomes comfortable with complying to the picture & verbal cues and correctly performing the task.  Be sure to begin with a picture & a verbal cue.  My verbal cue is, "Time for Work."  I usually set up the task before bringing the student to the work table.

      When the student consistently sorts by color; you can add counting how many of each color to the task.  This adds minutes to the work routine and helps build stamina.  The ability to sit & tend to a task is important if he or she is going to be mainstreamed or included in a general ed class.

      The pictures below show the tasks/routine:
This is how I set it up.  I use plates from housekeeping & vehicles from table toys.
1st the student sorts the vehicles by color.

Next, the student counts out how many vehicles are on each plate.

      Once sorting and counting are consistently accomplished; you can add to the routine by having the student write how many of each color and even further by graphing how many of each color.  I made matching "I Can" statements & recording pages to accompany this activity:

Click (HERE) to download this FREEBIE!
I hope that this task is useful for your program.

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