June 20, 2014

Classroom Posters

Hi All,
      I just finished making the cutest little set of Classroom Signs.  They feature some of the cute little sayings that we use in the elementary grades to aid in classroom management.  The set has 10 posters in all.  Here is what you get:

  1. Welcome to Our Class
  2. This Class is a Bully Free Zone!
  3. Make it a Great Day or Not the Choice is Always Yours!
  4. You Get What You Get & You Don't Throw a Fit!
  5. Use Your Inside Voice.
  6. Criss-Cross Apple Sauce!
  7. My Hands are by My Sides. I'm Standing Straight & Tall. Now I'm Ready for the Hall!
  8. A Dot! A Dot! A Dot Will Do. Any More Than That is Too Much Glue!
  9. The 1st Thing I Do is Always the Same. I Pick Up My Pencil & Write my Name.
  10. Do Your Best!
Click on the picture below to see these posters in my store!
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Just Asia

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