June 18, 2014


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      Since it's summer, I'm playing catch up.  I meant to blog about this place last month.  If you're looking for a great experience for kids and you haven't been to IMMS, you might want to consider it.  IMMS is the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.  It's located in Gulf Port, Mississippi.
      We went with my daughter's girl scout troop.  It was a really fun educational experience for the kids;0).  You spend the night (everyone brings sleeping bags & it's like a big slumber party).  The program is called Dozing with Dolphins.  The kids learn the basics of rescuing dolphins, they get to touch sting rays, sharks, & a baby alligator.  They spend the night at the museum.  Your group arrives @ 7pm & they have activities planned til midnight. In the morning you get to see the seals & dolphins.  Here are photos:
There was a shallow pool with stingrays & sharks for the children to touch.  They also got to feed the sharks.  FYI the sharks were babies.

There was an area where the kids could dig for sharks teeth.  They could choose 1 to take home.
The kids painted t-shirts using fish and starfish stampers
They got to touch a baby alligator.
This is the touch pool.
There's a seal show & a dolphin show.  1 or 2 kids can volunteer to touch one of the dolphins.
The presenters used this fake dolphin to demonstrate how to rescue a beached dolphin.  Then, the girls practiced dolphin rescue.

This was a really great field trip.  Special thanks to my daughters girl scout troop leader; she is AWESOME!!!  We only paid $30 per person for this experience.  If anyone is interested in Dozing with the Dolphins at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies (IMMS) click the banner below to visit their website:

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