September 13, 2014

Autism 101- Furniture Arrangement Saves the Day!

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      We have just finished up the 2nd week of September.  My class is constantly evolving.  I am making changes at lightening speed trashing what doesn't work and developing new strategies.  There were 2 life savers this week.  1 was the puzzles task  I mentioned last week that the OT suggested for my little girl.  We've been doing it twice per day when I am working with other students.  And 2 was Furniture Arrangement!  Here is how it worked:

This is my latest set up for table work.  Notice the puzzles set up at the red table for my little girl.  The blue table is set up for one of my pull-out students.  I brought the tables close together and I sit in the middle.  This helps with 2 things:  1: I can block in my little girl & 2: Help keep both students on task.

Here's a closer look at the puzzle set-up.  As she finishes with her puzzle she puts it in a finish cubby.

Here it is in action! She's putting her 1st puzzle together.  This is a HUGE improvement! 

While she is working, I can work with one of my pull-out students at the other table.  I'm between the two so that I can keep a close eye on both students.  Yay!  If only you knew!  I hope this helps somebody! 

Later in the day, we do table work again with a different student.  My girl is doing her puzzle routine for a 2nd time while I work with this student.  Yay!  I'm loving it!

Once he's done he goes to his "Go To" which is the computer where he is able to work independently.  Then guess who gets to do the tasks he just finished?  That's right!  My little girl!  Success!!! 
      We do this 2 times per day.  This way I can service at least 3 students per day.  The 3rd & 4th students rotate days so that I can service all 4 in a week. 
      Another time of day that Furniture Arrangement helps in a MAJOR way is during my presentation times.  3 of my 4 students are prone to leaving the area during presentations, ESPECIALLY my little girl.  I am alone in my room because my para is in the general ed classroom with my mainstreamed students so there's no extra hand in the room to help keep the students put.  My solution? 
I basically corral them and block them in using furniture.  They sit in cube chairs.  I grabbed my easel from the art center in lieu of stepping over to the Promethean.  There's a shelf beside the green cube chair that I keep my stuff on including the lap top which I use to operate the Promethean without going to the board.  All opportunities for running off have been blocked!  There is nothing else to do but look at the presentation and participate!  Yay!  :0)

Well, that's all that I have to share this week.  I hope that this helps somebody!  Follow Limars Stars on TPT and on Facebook for my latest products and FREEBIES!!!

Autism 101 is a documentation of the 2014-2015 school year in our kindergarten classroom for children with autism.  Follow us on our journey!
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