September 7, 2014

Autism 101- September Week 1Reflections

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      Thanks for keeping up with us as we continue our journey.  From where we are now, it looks like we will be working a lot on behaviors.  A lot of Conscious Discipline calming techniques and developing independent routines. 
      Though there is some progress, the students are still struggling with sitting through a lesson and doing work.  I am mixing the work to include hands on and pencil & paper.  They don't mind the hands on as much but the pencil & paper has to have lots of bells and whistles for them to do it willingly.  They all seemed to really enjoy using the bingo markers on the search and find page of the Letter of the Week Journals.  They also don't mind the collage pages.  Next week I will switch the collage materials with paint just to keep it interesting. 

      As far as the independent routines; like I said, my boy likes the computer.  It doesn't keep him engaged for too long but I can expect maybe 8-10 minutes out of it which gives me just enough time to do something with my girl who at this point won't work more than that amount of time anyway. 

      I've teamed up with our occupational therapist to brainstorm possibilities of a good "Go To" routine for my girl.  The sand is no longer good for independent play because she is bringing the sand to other areas of the room and leaving trails (among other things) :-O.  The blocks are good but she still needs supervision and prompts in order to complete the task. 

      The OT came up with puzzles.  She can complete simple peg puzzles.  We line up 3 puzzles on the table for her to complete.  As she completes one she puts it on the shelf for "finish" then moves on to the next puzzle repeating the same pattern.  Currently, it is not an independent task as she still requires close supervision just to remain seated in the work space. 

  • I am hearing more words! 
  • There have been a few occasions where the students have used the choice board to communicate their needs without prompting! 
  • There were 0 (zero) potty accidents this week!
  • The students are beginning to name a few of the letters in their name!
  • The students have completely adjusted to the Adaptive P.E. routine and enjoy it!

Photos from the week:

S was our letter of the week.  This is one of our table work tasks that we do in addition to the Letter of the Week Journal.

This is another table work task.  I call it "Seasonal Vocabulary Words".  Looks great on my lesson plans. ;0)  Really, I am just trying to teach my kids more words and get them talking.  I tell the student the word, encourage them to repeat it, then match it.  My girl matches so well that I've started giving her 2 pages at once.  She's also saying the word "bus" without prompting. (That's a Yay!) ;0)  Also, you can see the little cubbies where she places her puzzles for "finish." The words are available in "Write the Room" format in my Back to School ELA & Math Centers download.

This is a little activity that I hooked up using Active Inspire.  Tracing their name is such a chore at the table. You wouldn't believe the battle my boy puts up. :-0  Even hand over hand they simply do not like pencil & paper work.  But they have to learn to write their name right?  I find that they are more willing to do the task when I put it on the Promethean Board.  Independent tracing is not happening yet but they are beginning to name some of the letters of their name.  Yay! ;0)
      Well, that's all that I have for this week.  Your experiences and feedback are always welcome.  Be sure to follow Limars Stars on TpT and on Facebook to stay up to date on all of my new products and Freebies!

Autism 101 is a documentation of our 2014-2015 school year!  Follow us as we go on our journey!
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