October 7, 2014

Fall Lessons

Hi All, It's been a couple of weeks since I've had a chance to blog about my class. We've been so busy. We are still a work in progress but I see progress. I think that we will be working hard throughout the year all the way to the end with certain behaviors but we celebrate every success. Some of our success is in the area of work. These are photos of a few of the activities we've been doing:
Way Up High In the Apple Tree

      I've been using this cookie tray and pieces from my Apples Unit to do the rhyme: "Way Up High in the Apple Tree" with my students.  It's been very successful for developing oral language.  Even my non-verbal students are participating.  The apples are velcro'd to the tree and as we count backward I let them remove an apple until we reach zero.  Once all of the apples have been "eaten" I let them put them back on one at a time while counting out how many.

      Still on apples, I made this cute apple counting book.  It's in the unit.  I love this and so did the kids.  It's simple but fun and good reinforcement.  We used bingo dabbers to put the correct amount of apples on each tree 1-10.

We've also been reinforcing counting up to 5 objects using these 5 frames from the unit.  I actually put this activity on my table toys shelf.  It was very popular due to the foam magnetic apples that I paired with it:

      That was about 2 weeks ago.  This week is all about the letter Cc so I thought Candy Corn would be fun.  Here is a kicks thing, I have 1 kid who will eat anything if you don't stop her first but guess what she won't eat? Candy Corn!  It's still fun enough to hold her attention though.  Here's what we've been doing so far this week:
This Cc is for Candy Corn coloring page is a FREEBIE in the preview of my Candy Corn Emergent Reader & Centers download.  
      For my higher students I made this emergent reader, sentence scramblers and Read, Trace, Build pages.  The book comes in color and black & white.  It has easy to read repeating sentences that are great sight word practice.  There are 5 sentence scramblers and 5 Read, Trace, Build pages.
Candy Corn Emergent Readers & Centers:  Candy Corn Spin Game

Now I must admit this one has been a challenge so far. I love it, but my kids haven't been able to control their impulse to put the candy in their mouths long enough to finish a game. I'm going to keep this in my centers and replenish the candy throughout the month. It's great for "My Turn, Your Turn," which is a great social skill.

The 10 frames are a big hit.  I made them 2 ways:  filled and not filled.  For my students that need to do one to one, I have the filled.  For my students who can count out the given amount without doing one to one I have the empty.  I love it!  Turns out, candy corn is a great manipulative ;0)

Well, that's all I have for now.  Be sure to stop by my store and check out my Apples & my Candy Corn units.  

Thanks for stopping by!

Just Asia

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