October 27, 2014

Autism 101 - Write the Room!

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      I'm finally getting around to blogging about this.  Anyway, if you know me, I teach pre-k and kindergarten students who have been diagnosed with autism.  This year the spectrum in my case load has serious range.  This is an example of it.  This is one of my little guys who I am so proud of and excited about.  His latest thing is he wants to write the things that he sees or remembers from television.  Here is a picture of something that he wrote off the wall in my room.  I didn't ask him to do this it's what he chose to do during his down time:
Look at the dry erase board in front of him.  He wrote, "Criss Cross Applesauce!"
Click (HERE) for the lovely posters from First Grade Fever by Christie
      Please ignore the "Mystery Stuff" on my walls.  I tried to get it off, haven't found the right product.  Anyway, I was so excited when I saw him do this that I decided that he was ready for Write the Room.  This is a big help to me because once I present a new letter, I also like to use the dry erase boards to have the students practice.  Then we move to the table to do tasks related to the letter.
      Well, once he gets the dry erase board, that's it.  It's very difficult to get him to stop and transition to the table.  He just wants to keep writing things around the room that have nothing to do with what I'm teaching.  So this is what I came up with:

      I covered the rules that he loved to write with the letter Gg items that I want him to learn.  He loves television and it's pretty much his whole conversation so to really get him excited, I also made a Curious George and a PBS Kids Go poster.  Those aren't shown.  I saved them for last or I never would have gotten through the presentation.
      I also made a matching vocabulary picture words activity for one of my other students.  You can grab this pack for FREE in my TPT store by clicking (HERE)  If you like it, be sure to leave me some feedback!

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