October 29, 2014

Halloween Fun

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      I am so glad to share this unit with you.  I've been using it in my class this week and I have to say that it has been a life saver!  As you know I teach children with autism and sometimes their behaviors can be challenging.  We were doing great but then we reached a point where the kids were pretty much DONE after recess.  You know, like "stick a fork in it, I'm DONE!!!"  I couldn't get much at all out of them at all!  They barely wanted to sit for a story!

      One of the speech therapists came with a cute little shape monster activity.  By cute, I mean I liked the words.  The graphics were Board Maker (BIG YAWN).  So I took the idea and put my own spin on it.  I added colorful graphics and the container with a cut out mouth to "feed" shape monster.  Not only did the kids enjoy it, but they "ate it up!"  It was literally a God send!

      I taught them how to do it on the 1st day.  Once they were comfortable with the format, they looked forward to doing this every day.  It became a very nice "go to" for the month of October.
Shape Monster Game Pieces:  Small Group & One-On-One
Shape Monster Poem:  Works with the Monster & Piecess-
Read a Rhyme, then Let Student Match the Shape & Place it in the Container.

Monster Match Up- Match Colors & Practice Fine Motor Skills!
Who's in the House?  A Monster is in the House!
Shape Monster was so nice, I did it twice!  Only I made, Who's In the House?
Same concept:  Read & Show the page.  Have students Match.
Lift the flap to find the character you are showing.
"Who's in the House?, Who is this?  It's Frankenstein, can you find Frankenstein?  Student lifts flaps to find and point to character.
Pieces for Who's in the House

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