November 23, 2014

5 Little Turkeys Emergent Reader & Centers

Hi All,
      I just wanted to share with you some of what we did with my 5 Little Turkeys unit.  With 72 pages there was lots to do!  We didn't get to it all but here is what we did:
Here is the 5 Little Turkeys on the Promethean Board.  Students go to the board, choose a side and use the pointer to read the story.  They love it!

5 Silly Turkeys Emergent Reader (same as above only printed out)
After we read the book in class, I send it home for homework.  Read to a Parent!
Turkey 10 Frames from 5 Little Turkeys Emergent Reader & Centers
10 Frames are 1-20 and they come both filled and empty.
5 Little Turkeys Read, Trace, Build (there are 5 pages)
5 Little Turkeys Emergent Reader & Centers:  Draw a Picture & Write a Sentence to tell your favorite part.
This was just a sample of what's in the unit.  There's lot's more!

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