June 15, 2015

500 Follower Freebie!

Hi All!,
      I am so excited I could burst!  I am 4 followers away from 500 followers on TpT!  I've got some fun FREEBIES lined up to celebrate this most auspicious occasion!  Here's a hint:

      There will be 3 FREEBIES shortly following my 500th follower on TpT!  The question is, will you get all 3?  Here's how it goes:

1 Exclusive Freebie will be delivered to the TpT Inbox of everyone who is a TpT follower at the time that I hit the button!  If you weren't a follower at that time, that's 1 less freebie for you! ;0/

If you miss it, you get 2 more chances!  1 4Ever Freebie will be placed in my TpT store for anyone who happens upon it!  

Finally, I'm SO CLOSE to reaching my 1st 100 followers on Facebook, I can smell it!  So as soon as I get there, I will post the 3rd FREEBIE to the FAN Freebies Tab! 

Be among the 1st 500 followers on TpT to get an exclusive 500 Follower Freebie delivered to your TpT Inbox.  This one is a one shot deal.  A special Thank You to those of you who have been supporting me! =0) It won't be offered again for free.

Look for the 4Ever Freebie in my TpT store once I reach 500 Followers. (I'll probably post it on a Friday)

LIKE "Limars Stars" on Facebook.  Once I reach 100 Facebook Followers, an additional FREEBIE will be added to the Fan Freebie Tab!!!  

That's it!  Now it's your turn!  Assemble the Minions!  Follow, LIKE, and tell your friends!  Help me get those last few followers!  I am SO READY TO HIT THAT BUTTON!!! =0)

OK so obviously I'm either totally excited or my nerves are bad!  I couldn't wait until Friday!  Today I reached 500 Followers on TpT!  Yay!  Special thanks to everybody who helped make it happen!  The 4Ever Freebie is in the store now!  The note to followers has been sent to your inboxes!  (Give it a day or two, TpT screens them 1st) Just 1 more to go!  I've got 1 more Thanks-a-Minion themed FREEBIE that's ready for a new home in my FB Fan Freebies tab just as soon as Limars Stars reaches 100 Facebook fans!
Thanks-a-Minion!  Now go get your freebie!

Thanks for stopping by!

Just Asia

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