June 26, 2015

Makeover Madness!

Hi All!
      I just thought that I'd pop in on this Fabulous Friday to tell you about Makeover Madness!

      Tons of TpT'ers have come together for the TpT Seller Challenge!  Limars Stars is all in!  Week 1 is Makeover Madness!

      Here's my 1st batch of makeovers!  Look through these and see if you own any.  If you do, then what are you waiting for??? Head on over to TpT & get the new copy!

      Don't think you own any?  Well that's OK, you get something too!  The Guide to Teaching Children with Autism is a FREEBIE!  Click on the links below the picture to get there quickly!

Teacher Binder Covers & Spines
Spiders Emergent Readers, ELA, & Math Centers
Guide to Teaching Children with Autism
      Be sure to stay tuned!  There's more to come!  Happy Friday!

Thanks for stopping by!


Just Asia

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