December 5, 2015

12 Days of Christmas FREEBIES!!!

Hi All,
      Me and my little elves are getting into the Christmas Spirit!


      We're also gearing up for my 1st ever 12 Days of Christmas Celebration!  What is it?  Well, it's 12 CONSECUTIVE DAYS OF 24HR FLASH FREEBIES!!!  You will not want to miss this!

      In addition to the FLASH FREEBIES, I am "MAKING A LIST & CHECKING IT TWICE!" I'm looking for FEEDBACK!  Since it's 12 Days; 12 will be the MAGIC Number!  If by the end of the celebration I see 12 FEEDBACKS ON EACH FLASH, I will do an EXCLUSIVE BONUS FREEBIE which will be delivered to your TPT Inbox!

Double it (24 feedbacks on each item) and I will throw in a new FOREVER FREEBIE in the store!

Finally, A COUPLE OF MY ELVES HAVE GONE ROGUE!!  They are going around adding 10 Frames to items you may have already purchased!  Be on the look out for them throughout the 12 Days of Christmas Celebration!  They will pop-up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to let the world know about their mischief!  When you see them, if they're holding a unit that you own, go re-download, they've added 10 frames!

Join me in the fun!  The Celebration begins on TpT, Monday, December 7th and ends on Friday, December 18th, 2015!  Be sure to follow my store and check daily so you won't miss a thing!  You may also want to follow my Facebook and Instagram to KEEP UP WITH THOSE ROGUE ELVES!  I hope to see you there! =0)

Thanks for stopping by!

Clipart by Educlips

Just Asia


  1. Thanks Lorena for stopping by! ��

  2. Thanks Lorena for stopping by! ��

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