September 6, 2016

Number of the Week

      It's been a while since I last blogged.  Summer has come and gone and now we are in a new school year.  Where did the time go?

      Anyway, I've been working for a LONG TIME on my latest product:  Number of the Week!  I'm beyond excited that I am finally able to share it with you!  I've had an opportunity to use it in the classroom and guess what?  The kids love it!  I've shared it with other teachers & guess what?  They love it!  I hope that you will love it too!

      It includes number packets 0-20!  Tons of HANDS-ON number recognition, writing, & number sense activities!  If you like my Letter of the Week, you're going to love my Number of the Week!


Here is what you get:
  • Common Core Alignments for Easy Lesson Planning
  • 6 Number Sense Posters (except 0 which has 3)
  • Number Sense Matching Cards (Use for Memory Matching Games or Pocket Charts)
  • 10 Frames Page (filled & empty)
  • Book (6 pages; 1 copy makes 2)
  • Color, Count, & Trace Page
  • Trace & Write Page
  • I Spy Number Page
  • Number Sort 1 (just numbers)
  • Number Sort 2 (Number Sense)
  • Show it 5 Ways! 
  • Counting Mat Printable (Multi Purpose)
  • Collage Number Page
  • Number Hat
Follow Limars Stars on Facebook, Instagram, & TpT to be sure not to miss!  I have posted the Number 1 packet as a 4Ever FREEBIE so you can try B4 you buy!  

Here are a few photos from the Number 1 Packet:

Each Packet 0-20 has a book!  1 copy makes 2!

Multi-Purpose!  Print 2 to make Memory Matching Games or Use with a Pocket Chart!

You will get a lot of use out of this page!  Get creative with cereal pieces, stickers, stampers, etc.

Color or Use Bingo Markers with this I Spy Number page!

Let your kids get their Glue On!  Use a variety of collage materials through out the year to keep it fresh!

These Number of the Week Packets would not be complete without my signature 10 frames!

Are you ready to BUNDLE?  Click the Cover Below!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my post!  And thanks for stopping by!

Just Asia

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