September 1, 2018

Button Lesson Plan


      I hope that this post finds you well!  In case you missed last week's post, I have challenged myself this year to document everything that we are doing in community!  I am full time itinerant this year so all of these activities I pack & carry from place to place.  I would love for you to "travel with me" each week as I share what we've been doing!  I will be sure to include links to resources and any affiliate links in case you're interested in doing any of these activities.  I will also include a FREE LESSON PLAN with each post which will include some type of FREEBIE!

      It's been a fun week in community!  This week's theme was BUTTONS!  We read "Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons," by Eric Litwin.  The kids really enjoyed this story!

      My schedule is pretty much set in stone because it fills my hour nicely but I made one small change from last week to fit in a new skill.  Here's the schedule I used:

Portable Picture Schedule

      I will walk you through our schedule beginning with the file folder game.  If you are interested in my Name activities; which I will be using weekly, you can click here to see last week's post. 

      This week we had 2 options for the File Folder Game.  Color Matching for students who are still learning their colors.  And shape matching for students who have already mastered their colors.

Button Color Matching File Folder Game
Button Shape Matching File Folder Game


Next we did a craft.  My crafts in community are easy and simple due to time constraints and the fact that all of these resources have to fit into my bag!  I pre-cut and hole punched card stock buttons.  I let students choose their favorite color to color their button.  Last we laced the holes with chenille sticks.  This pattern with instructions is included in the FREE LESSON PLAN download.  Here is what they looked like:

Button Lacing Craft

      For the ABC/Words portion; I had 2 activities for differentiation.  The 1st was Button themed alphabet clip cards.  I had the students practice matching uppercase to lowercase and letter to picture.  

Button Alphabet Clip Cards:  Uppercase to Lowercase & Letter to Picture

      For my students who have already mastered those skills, I made a Rainbow Button Emergent Reader with Centers.  We used the Sentence Scrambler cards 1st to practice the sight words; then read the emergent reader.  They took the readers home with the task of reading to a family member.

Rainbow Buttons Emergent Reader & Centers

      Next we did Button Sorting using attribute buttons!  I found this tray from Dollar Tree for $1!  I got the buttons from Amazon.  These buttons are great because you can sort them by color, shape, and size!  Then you can sort them even further by how many holes!  Most sorted by 1 attribute which was color; but some kids were able to sort by 3 attributes!  I was really proud! 

Attribute Buttons:  Sort by Color, Shape, Size, & 2 or 4 Holes!

      Finally, no lesson would be complete without a little counting practice.  I made these Button themed 10 frames and we used the small buttons as counters.  The kids had the best time manipulating the buttons!

Button 10 Frames 1-20

Button 10 Frames 1-20 (Filled & Empty; Includes "Show Your Work Pages!")
      That's it!  The remainder of my hour is Free Play (this is when I write my data from the session), Conscious Discipline's Baby Doll Circle, and a Goodbye song!  And of course a treat!  

      I hope you enjoyed it.  You can click here for the FREE LESSON PLAN.  You can purchase the resources shown in my store by clicking on the photos.  The attribute buttons, book, & doll can be found using the affiliate links below.  

      Thanks for taking the time to read!  And thanks for stopping by!

Just Asia

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