September 15, 2018

Community Helpers

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      Thanks so much for joining me this week!  It's been another great week in community!  This week we learned about Community Helpers!

      If you are new to my blog you should know that I am an itinerant Early Interventionist.  My students range from 3-5 years old.

      The book that I used to teach about community helpers was this cute lift a flap board book entitled, "Trucks."  This book proved to be a BIG HIT with my students from the youngest to the oldest and highest to the most challenged.

      The book features several different types of trucks.  For each truck I posed the question, "Who drives this type of truck?"  I presented the student with 2 cards one of which contained the correct answer for them to choose from.  Even students who were non-verbal were able to match all or most of the helpers with the trucks.  

      If you are unable to use this book with students individually, I would suggest using an Elmo or small group and have the students take turns choosing the correct answer.  There was quite a bit of text on the page for some of my students so I only read the main component of the text which I circled in red in the 2nd photo.

      One of our follow-up activities to this story included a Community Helper File Folder Matching Game.  It was simply matching the Community Helpers.  I used this to determine visual discrimination, discuss vocabulary, and to find out what the students knew about the community helpers.  Here is a photo:

      We practiced letter to initial sound matching with these clip cards:

      We practiced tracing the names of our favorite community helpers:

      We practiced counting from 1-10 and 1-20:

      And finally, during free choice a few of the items I offered the kids were Fisher Price Little People Community Helpers and Magna Blocks.  My little ones were very creative.  Here is what one of them made:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post; and thanks for stopping by!  You can click on the pictures of any of the resources to find them in my TpT store.  You can download the LESSON PLAN here.  I've also included affiliate links below to the other items that we used for your convenience.  

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