April 25, 2020

Earth Day Lesson Plan {Distance Learning}

      I hope that this post finds you well and in good spirits.  I also hope that you and your students are adjusting well to Distance Learning.  Here's what we've been using:  Zoom & Google Classroom.

      I am still using the picture schedule that I use when seeing my students in the community.  It does 2 things: 1.  They are already familiar with it so they cooperate with the routine.  2.  It guides the Zoom session and helps keep me on track!  Our sessions last about 30 minutes.

         Beginning with the 2nd row; our story was I Love the Earth by Todd Parr.
    For Morning Message; I modeled how to write uppercase and lowercase Pp using my clipboard and a marker.  Pp was our letter of the week because we just did Ee for Easter Egg a couple of weeks ago.  We said that Planet was another name for what the Earth is.

      That leads us into Number 4.  I went through my container of objects asking the questions: "What is this?" and "Does it begin with Pp?"  This portion is working out well and I think that I will be using it weekly.

      Number 3 was a math activity.  We practiced AB and ABC patterns.  The big question here was: What Comes Next?  The students are doing a great job of participating by calling out their answers.  Note:  I don't mute the mics.
      Number 2 was also a math activity.  Our Number of the Week was 11.  I didn't have Earth erasers so we counted something that began with the letter P; Polly Pocket!  I used heavy duty tape to hold the tray up to the screen as we counted the dolls together:
      Finally we come to the house.  Here is where I remind families to go to the Google Classroom once the Zoom Circle Time is over and do activities with their child at home.  I've placed more than enough work in the Google Classroom to keep the students engaged all week!  The At Home Learning Packet is tailored to our theme and includes some of the specific skills that we covered in the Zoom plus a few extra!

      Here's the FREE Lesson Plan:
      Thanks for taking the time to read my post; and thanks for stopping by!

      God bless,

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