May 3, 2020

Spring Lesson Plan {Distance Learning}

      I hope that you had a great weekend!  We are still doing Distance Learning in our district due to the governor's COVID-19 Stay-at-Home mandate.  The kids are really adjusting well!  Here is what we did last week:

      As always; I am using my Visual Picture Schedule - even during Zoom sessions:

      This week we read I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog by Lucille Collandro:
      Ss was our Letter of the Week; S for Spring!  For Morning Message I modeled how to write the letter S using my clip board and a marker:

      That carries us right into number 4 of our count down of tasks which is "Does This Begin with the Letter Ss?" or as I wrote it on my container: "Is it Ss?"  During this segment of our Zoom; I pull objects out of my container 1 at a time to show to my students.  We've already discussed S and the sound it makes so now we simply look at each object and use our listening ears to determine if we hear an Ss sound at the beginning of the word.  The kids have fun doing this part.
      Next we practice a math skill (Number 3 on the schedule ).  This week its 'More or Less?'  I used heavy duty tape to adhere frog counters to craft sticks (since the old lady swallowed a frog).  I used different colors and different quantities on each stick.  I held 2 sticks up at a time and posed the question, "Which has more?"  The students were able to answer, "The blue!" or "The yellow!"
      Number 2 on the schedule was our Number of the Week:12.  I modeled writing the number 12 on my clip board.  And since I had already used the frog counters for 'More or Less,' I decided to make a Google Slides Presentation of Frogs on Logs for the students to count.  For this activity I  shared my screen with the students.  This was a 1st and they really seemed to enjoy it.  I've included a link to a FREE copy of the presentation in the resources page of the lesson plan.

      Number 1 is always the House.  I tell my students to go with their parents to the Google Classroom after our session and complete some of the follow-up activities that I've posted.  They can review the skills we went over plus skills that we've been practicing throughout the year in the At-Home Learning Packet.  I try to post enough to keep my students busy for a week if the parents want to work with them. 
      Well, that's all I have for today!  I hope you found something to be useful!  Here's the Lesson Plan:

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and thanks for stopping by!

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